The winner of the Winter 21-22 visual art competition is: kerry rawlinson

Under the promise of the grand prize of £50, we challenged the great public to create a piece of visual art on the theme

'Love is Love'.

Here are the full results:

1st Prize (£50 and cover of the winter issue of Makarelle)
kerry rawlinson "Love Keeps no Record of Wrongs"

Runner up and featured visual art for Makarelle's 'Love is Love' issue
(£10 and a copy of the Makarelle ONE anthology)
Stephen Johnson "untitled"

2nd to 6th Prizes
(a copy of the 2021 Makarelle anthology and publication in the 'Love is Love' issue of Makarelle)

2nd: Chris Robbins "A Dog's Last Days"

3rd: Sarah Quibell "Best Friends Meet After Two Years"

4th: Lindsey Morrison Grant "Bill Ding Connections"

5th: Lindsey Morrison Grant "Floyd Memorial"

6th: Anne Hill "Yoga with Matcha Tea"

7th to 10th Prize (Publication in the 'Love is Love' issue of Makarelle):

7th: Anne Hill "My Boys"

8th: Louise Wilford "Chess Pieces"

9th: Lindsey Morrison Grant "BLM"

10th: Rukhsana C "Everything Candy"

The winner of the Autumn 2021 flashfiction competition is: Amy Elizabeth Doherty

Under the promise of the grand prize of £25, we challenged the great public to write a piece of flashfiction under 50 words, inspired by Erin Paton's stunning drawing 'Whispers' (the cover image of Makarelle Autumn 2021).

While we had strong contenders, we felt that Amy Elizabeth has met the brief most closely. In only 47 words, she managed to craft a beautiful and haunting story, complete with twist and fascinating dark imagery, which perfectly complimented Erin's illustration.